Santa Carved Nesting #1


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Very specie nesting doll. Artists Sergey Koblov and Svetlana Kabanova . It is set of santa’s team . Second piece is Snow maiden . She is grand doughtier of father christmas (santa) and last piece is Christmas tree.. Do not forget about snowman which is under number four in this beautiful set. This time Sergey and Svetlana use new technic of painting . They carve the wooden doll and after that paint over it with soft acrylic  and tempera paints. It is unusual enough to carve on the nesting doll. Needs to be very careful because the sides of doll are very thin  Most of artists who carve do it on solid wood pieces. The way the doll painted is quite similar of illustrations from old soviet children’s books from 40-s and 50-s of 20-th century. Size :Height 15 cm (5.91″ ), Width 8 cm (3.1″)


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