Big Lacquered Walking Santa #1


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We are very happy to introduce you our new wooden masterpiece. This is very BIG attractive Santa. We call him walking Santa. This massive  sculpture is carved by hand from  solid linden tree piece and painted by hand . The authors  of this  artwork are  new artists which we have just discovered . Their  names are  Mariam and Margarita. They work with acrylic, water colours and tempera paints. They use decorative-pastel technic. Santa is really great . He holds  big birch tree staff in his right hand. This piece is removable. He also hold big christmas tree over his left shoulder. Interesting thing: The buttons of his winter jacket are separate wooden pieces which attached to sculpture. His costume is very colourful and his  boots are gorgeous. There is small signature of artist at the bottom. It is truly collectable item. Size : Height 32 cm (13 in ), Width 19 cm (7.5 in)


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